our business growth timeline

Founded in 2012 by Haydn Erbs as "Business Sale Planning" in response to the clear shortfall of quality advice around valuation and the exit transaction resulting from dealings with greedy and underqualifed business brokers. 

We rebranded in 2015 to BSP Strategic as it became apparent that anonymity was critical to our client interactions.  BSP Strategic has since grown to become a trusted advisor to advisors and business owners both in Australia and abroad.


Our primary objective is to provide business owners with access to the tools and resources to enable the understanding and improvement of business value so that when the time comes to sell, they have a valuable asset which commands a premium. 

Our secondary objective is to facilitate the business owners exit of the business in a way that maximises their net exit outcome.

Business valuation targets

Australia is about to confront what is often described as the biggest intergenerational wealth transfer in modern history, also known as the retirement of the baby boomer generation. According to a PwC study, 7 out of 10 businesses is likely to change hands over the next decade resulting in the transfer of $1.5 trillion worth of value.

Our vision is to ensure the smooth transition of this wealth to the next generation.


Business valuation strategy


To provide best practice advice to business owners which facilitates their successful business exit and ensures they get maximum return on their investment of blood sweat and tears.


business value growth

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