Preparing to exit activities are ultimately dependant on the outcome of the assessment, the owners objectives and timing of the chosen exit strategy.


We also offer business owners 6 and 12 month value builder programs designed to grow strategic value. 




“Our specialist services are designed to add real value to your client's exit and enhance your relationship as trusted advisor




We offer business owners a variety of specialised tools designed to maximise business value growth and / or the exit transaction.  

We use our proprietary assessment and analytical tools coupled with the Value Builder platform and various other M&A tools.

Talk to us about arranging a virtual walkthrough of the Value Builder Platform. 


We partner with proactive professional advisory firms to offer highly specialised, best practice services to business owners.

We enable professional service firms to offer our value growth advisory and exit transaction services to their clients.

Given the specialised nature of our offering we find our services are both unique and complimentary to most firm's service offerings.



Maximisation of the exit transaction requires access to best practice resources. 


We subscribe to a number of specialist valuation resources, M&A databases and quality information  suppliers to provide us with the most up to date market and industry based data. 

Our partners also benefit from access to this information which is shared on request or via our regular market updates.



As specialists within the exit transaction space we belong to several M&A networks and have access to a considerable database of continually refreshed strategic buyers from around the globe.


Our databases enable us to craft a targeted campaign by industry or individual and provide us with access to over 200,000 potential buyers from around Australia and abroad.  



We offer best practice advice through a combination of experience and credentials.

Haydn Erbs, principal of BSP Strategic is a Chartered Accountant, accedited Business Valuation Specialist, Cerftified Value Builder and Licenced Business Broker. 

Haydn is supported by a small team of individuals comprising of fellow C.A's and specialist consultants.




The exit transaction is often the most valuable transaction of a clients life and if handled poorly, has the greatest potential to ruin the advisor / client relationship.

Our services provide advisory firms with the ability to remain independent and objective on matters such as valuation, due diligence and settlement and allows firms to focus on completing transaction based works such as compliance, contract and tax advice, restructuring, wealth mangement, etc.f

Our sole focus is to help your clients achieve amazing business exits      



Partner with us

Like most advisory firms you probably have a long list of business owner clients who fall into either the "retiring baby boomer" or budding entrepreneur" categories". We find that these two groups are the most likely of all business owners to be considering the big questions like, what is my business worth? Will someone want to buy my business? or if I sold now, How much would I actually get to keep?

We offer business owners specialised advice aimed at answering these types of questions and provide the tools, resources and know how to convert business value into cash.

Successful business exits require a board of advisors who work together as a team. Accountants in particular are the cornerstone of the advisory team. They provide the structuring and taxation advice, they provide the Financial Statements and assistance throughout the due dilligence process. Legal representation is also crititcal to the team with the provision of asset protection, contractual review and settlement advice along with a host of ancilliary services. 

We believe our services are equally as important to a successful exit.


BSP Strategic provide independent and objective valuation guidance, value growth advisory, go to market strategies, information memorandums, vendor due diligence, divestment disclosure documents, exit strategies and business sales. Our experience, qualifications, tools and resources ensure your client receives the highest levels of care and service throughout the exit transaction.

If you would like to know more about the many additional benefits of partnering with BSP Strategic please call or contact us


“Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people

                                                                            Steve Jobs