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10 more reasons to get a professional valuers opinion.

1. To understand what your business is really worth - (80% of business owners overvalue their businesses).
2. Most business owners overlook the strategic value in their business - We specialise in identifying strategic value.
3. Knowledge is power - Our appraisals enable business owners to take action and plan for the future, whether thats tomorrow or a decade from now.
4. To understand how much money you'll actually get to keep after selling your business - net proceeds.
5. To identify the likely advantages and roadblocks to the sale of your business.
6. To understand how your business compares against your industry.
7. To gain perspective - view your business objectively as a buyer would.
8. To understand the potential value of your business.
9. To learn how your business compares against the 8 drivers of business value and provide you with access to our Value Builder Program - Australia's only program specifically designed to increase business value.
10. To understand the five year forecast for your industry and take action ahead of your competition.

 “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

                     Lao Tzu