Your not alone! 
The uncomfortable truth is that nearly 4 out of 5 advertised businesses will not sell.
Selling a business in today's modern marketplace is difficult and to be successful, business owners need to promote a well presented organised business opportunity. 
If you are serious about cashing out and want to maximise your chances of selling, we highly recommend having an independent specialist review your business sale objective today.

Difficulty selling your business?

Does this sound like your business sale?
  • Trying to sell for longer than 6 months,
  • Very few inquiries,
  • Even fewer serious inquiries,
  • Lack of follow up interest,
  • No written offers,
  • Failing to complete the sale after completing due diligence, 
  • Buyers discounting their initial offer, or 
  • Buyers are simply walking away?
We can help you...
An Independent Review is specifically designed to help businesses which are proving difficult to sell.  
What does your business look like from a buyers perspective?
Every buyer will consider your business opportunity from their own unique perspective.
Buyers will each have their own set of skills and available resources and so will see different risks and growth opportunities in your business. 
Most acquisitions start with the buyer's identification of a market opportunity, followed by market research and investigation of industry operators, competitors and a search of target businesses that are for sale. Buyers will compare many similar business opportunities before making an inquiry and use every possible source of information in order to understand:
  • How does the business make money?
  • What are the key investment risks?
  • What opportunities does it have to grow?
  • What additional resources are required?
  • How much money will it make in the future?
"As a business owner,  your chances of selling are directly dependent on how your business answers these fundamental buyer questions".
What is an Independent Review?
An Independent Review is a critical review of the key elements of your business that matter most to potential buyers and a detailed review of your business sale activities and strategy.
Our independent position enables us to look at your business objectively (as a buyer would). We present all of our findings - for better or worse and make recommendations designed to assist you to deal with key issues and improve your sale prospects.  Your report is prepared by a team of experienced Chartered Accountants, business brokers and business valuation specialists so you will be receiving the very best of expert advice.
Your report is prepared specifically for your business and is custom designed to help you overcome the specific challenges your business is facing. 
The Independent Review report focuses on the following:

Review of your Business Sale Activities & Strategy

We begin by developing an understanding of your historical and current sale campaign. We use a questionnaire based approach to understand things like:

  • Why are you selling? 

  • When did you start?

  • What strategies have you undertaken so far?

  • What interest have you received?

We then review at your Financial Statements, Information Memorandum, your website, social media etc and ask the questions that buyers ask to so that we can get the full picture. 

Review of Business Saleability

We review your business model and strategy to understand how your business stacks up against each of the factors that buyers care most about when evaluating an acquisition decision. We identify those areas of your business which are limiting its sale appeal or those which are dragging down the value. We look at more than 100 influencing factors across a broad range of value drivers including;


  • Quality of Information

  • Earnings

  • Cash Flows

  • Assets

  • Your Industry

  • Valuation Considerations

Findings & Recommendations

Core to our Independent Review is a concise summary of our findings alongside of professional recommendations for you to implement. Our findings and recommendations are broken down section by section alongside of detailed commentary that explains why each factor is important to buyers and for your overall prospects of selling. 


Many business owners choose to prioritise and implement our recommendations on their own however we do also offer a suite of services designed to assist with implementation and further improve your prospects of selling.  

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Sounds great, how much does it cost?
Our team will undertake an Independent Review and prepare your custom report for $550 (gst inc).
What information do I need to supply?
We will ask you to please provide the following information:
  • Independent Review Questionnaire (Online and takes about 30 mins to complete)
  • Financials for the last 3 years and the current period,
  • Information Memorandum.
All of the other information we need to conduct our review is either sourced by us from our third party information providers or is freely available in the public domain.
Ready to get started?
Great! Three easy steps to obtaining your Independent Review report
  1. Pay online with credit card.
  2. Complete our questionnaire and upload the required information.
  3. We'll undertake our review and email your report within 7 days.