How and when will you cash out of your business?

Selling your business is just one of many possible outcomes. Unplanned exits are all to common - death, accidents, divorce, partnership disputes, unsolicited offers, industry disruption, legislative change, etc.
An exit plan puts in place measures to mitigate loss from these events and allows you to implement strategies aimed at optimising your business exit.
Maximise your chances of a successful exit... Start an exit plan today.

Did you know that a mass exit of business owners is coming?

A recent survey by accounting software provider "Xero" found that the percentage of business owners aged 55 and over has more than doubled in recent years. 

The research suggests that more than 20% of business owners will try to exit their businesses in their 60's.


In Australia this equates to around 420,000 retiring business owners over the next 10 years. This trend is likely to lead to a massive oversupply of businesses and a strong buyers market.

Stay ahead of the curve and start to plan for your exit today.

​Is your business sellable in its current form and who would want to buy it?

An exit plan will provide a "no nonsense" independent evaluation of your business in its current form so that you can understand the likely impediments to a sale if you went to market tomorrow. We identify the key risks, growth opportunities and assets which influence your business value and its overall appeal to buyers.


An exit plan identifies likely buyer or investor groups so that you an then begin to shape your exit towards becoming more attractive to this particular type of buyer. 

What exit strategies are best suited to my circumstances?

An exit plan will provide clarification of your potential exit strategies including pro's and con's of each relevant to your unique situation. There are many potential exit strategies however some are definitely more suited to particular circumstances.


Key considerations such as timing, financial resources, potential successors and market influence's are considered as part of your exit strategy evaluation. 


What can I do to prepare for my exit?

An exit plans primary objective is to establish your exit goals and timeframe so that you can begin to work progressively towards these targets. An exit plan also provides a recommended projects schedule custom designed for your specific circumstances which aims to mitigate identified issues and enhance your business' unique value drivers along with a host of other activities to prepare you and your business for your exit. 


The implementation of the projects schedule can be undertaken by you personally. Alternatively our qualified team can be engaged to assist (Prepare for sale program).

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