BSP Strategic provide a comprehensive suite of services during all stages of the sale transaction.
Preparing for Sale

Prior to our sale mandate we we typically undertake a variety of preparatory activities including, indicative valuations, value driver review, vendor due diligence as well as the development of an action plan. 


We deploy a variety of marketing strategies including direct approaches to identified potential buyers both from our own registered buyer database, venture capital and private equity contacts and other global MNA databases.

We agree all terms of our engagement and sell mandate up front, including our approach, key milestones, remuneration, etc.


We typically engage as lead advisor for an agreed term.

Document Preparation

We prepare a comprehensive information memorandum  to showcase your business' unique attributes and key value drivers and conveys value and sale specific critical information to the intended readers.

Agree Terms
Agree Terms

We aim to negotiate optimum terms and deal structure on your behalf whilst working closely with you and other advisors (as required) to ensure alignment of goals.  Process, value, legal, tax, timing, warranties, etc.

Due Diligence

Comprehensive project management and technical assistance throughout the entire due diligence process.


We collaborate with legal and or tax advisors as required.

Binding Agreement

Liaisions with legal and taxation advisors to ensure alignment of binding agreement with terms sheet. Assistance with final negotiation of warranties, 

indemnities and working capital items.


Liaison with legal advisors to facilitate the completion of the transaction in accordance with binding terms. Completion calculations, working capital adjustments, etc. Handover activities as required. 

Business sales can be complex, stressful and time consuming. If poorly executed the pitfalls can be significant including lost time, damaged reputation, loss of key staff, reduced value and are failure to complete the transaction.
Our aim is to make the sales process as efficient and stress free as possible. Careful strategic planning, teamwork and professional execution are core to a great result. 
We use our vast transactional experience and professional advisory skills to ensure you get the best possible outcome whether that be a higher sale price, more favorable terms, or continuation of your legacy.
We are the Gold Coast's leading Corporate Advisory and specialise in selling businesses to strategic buyers. 

We utilie a variety of tactics through engagement with multiple parties to facilitate competitive tension.


We respond to all buyer queries and invite multiple