Are you considering selling your business in 2017?

Selling a business is complex and there are many issues to consider. Here are just a few of the leading considerations to think about in the lead up to the sale.

1. Is my business ready for sale? (contracts, leases, accounts, staff, systems, debt, etc, etc)

2. What is my business worth today?

3. How will this years trading and forecasts impact value?

4. What is my story / why am I selling?

5. How do I sell the business? (agent vs DIY?)

6. How should I structure the sale? (asset vs share)

7. How much tax will I pay on the sale? (What concessions are available)?

8. Am I prepared to become an employee for a period of time to effect a handover.

9. What can I do to improve the value of my business this year?

10. Who will buy my business and what will they be prepared to pay for it?

If you are serious about a selling your business please get in contact for a no obligation discussion about these points and your specific circumstances. We provide a range of specialist services for business owners looking to exit their business with the aim being to facilitate the best possible exit on your terms.

Please also take a few minutes to complete the value builder score questionnaire explaining how your business ranks against the 8 drivers of business value and to obtain an estimate of the current value of your business.

Business valuations, strategic planning, value growth advice

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