Strategic Value Assessment

Instantly receive your Value Builder Score out of 100 and obtain your Strategic Value Assessment report within 3 business days. 
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Thanks for your interest in obtaining a professional appraisal of your business.
Our Strategic Value Assessment reports provide genuine insight into the value of your business and enable business owners to view their business from a buyers perspective. This low cost "value packed" report is the perfect way to access critical valuation guidance for less than half the cost of a formal business valuation.
Step 1 - "Get Your Score" below. Please complete the online questionnaire (takes just 15 minutes). 
In the interest of optimal use of our time together, we ask that you firstly complete the above short questionnaire about your business prior to your Business Value Strategy session.
The questionnaire is called "The Value Builder Score" and your answers provide us with meaningful insight into your business model and a great understanding of what makes your business unique. 
Most importantly, your advisor will be prepared for your Business Value Strategy session and so will be able to skip the standard ‘get to know you’ questions and jump right into a more strategic conversation about your business, what its worth and how each of the 8 value drivers impact the overall value. 
By completing the questionnaire below you will instantly receive your Value Builder Score ranking your business out of 100 points against each of the 8 Drivers of Business Value which are statistically proven to be of critical importance to buyers when evaluating a business acquisition. In fact business scoring higher than 80 points typically receive offers to buy their business 71% higher than industry averages.
Step 2 - Preparation of your Strategic Value Assessment report.
Following completion of the online Value Builder Score questionnaire (below) we will forward an invoice which is immediately due for payment.
Upon payment confirmation we will prepare your Strategic Value Assessment report which is in part based on the answers you provide in the questionnaire, combined with our specialist knowledge, valuation expertise and available market data.
Your Strategic Value Assessment report will be forwarded within 3 business days and will include the following:
  • Estimate of current business value;
  • Value Builder Score report (28 page report ranking your business' score on each of the 8 Value Drivers;
  • Latest Quarterly Sellability Tracker Research (critical insights into buyer preferences by industry based on 20,000 business sales);
  • Business value growth strategies specifically identified for your business.
Step 3 - A Business Value Strategy session at a time convenient to you.
We will also arrange a time to review your Strategic Value Assessment report and undertake the Business Value Strategy session. All strategy sessions are delivered one-on-one between the business owner and a Certified Value Builder (experienced Chartered Accountant).
During the 60-90 minute session you can expect your advisor to discuss topics such as:
  • The current estimated value of your business (following adjustments and normalisations);
  • How your business compares against your industry peers in relation to each of the 8 value drivers;
  • Which attributes of your business are attractive to buyers;
  • Does your business have strategic value?;
  • Which attributes of your business are currently detracting from the value of your business;
  • Your personalised Value Growth Strategies.
  • Answer any questions you may have in relation to your report.

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