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BSP specialise in providing independent professional valuations reports for businesses, securities & intangible assets. 
Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.
Following an initial free scoping conversation we will prepare a confidential fixed price quote for a professional valuation report tailored to meet your specific requirements.
​Haydn Erbs (principal) Chartered Accountant Business Valuation Specialist ("CA BV") has extensive experience in professionally and ethically valuing businesses across most industries both locally and abroad (bio below).
We offer three valuation report formats catering to the specific purpose of the report and budget. 
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Calculation of Enterprise Value ideally suited for strategic planning, business sales & acquisitions.  A highly transparent report to understand current value and value drivers.

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Determination of Enterprise or Equity Value for a wide range of formal valuation requirements including, CGT and restructure events, disputes, intellectual property & capital raising.

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A more extensive Valuation engagement without limitation of scope where the valuer is free to utilise a variety of valuation methodologies and conduct extensive market based research.

We undertake valuations for a variety of purposes including:
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Haydn Erbs CA BV

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Valuation Experience Overview

  • Business Valuation Specialist with Chartered Accountants of Australia & New Zealand

  • Valuation of multiple businesses for IPO and relisting events on foreign exchanges such as GXG, AIM, London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Borse.

  • Expert Witness Reports.

  • Utilisation of a wide variety of valuation methodologies

  • Hundreds of valuations over the past decade of both listed and private entities across most industries ranging in size from pre-seed start-ups to Enterprise Values upwards of $150m, including for:

    • Management buy outs,​ partnership disputes

    • Matrimonial Disputes

    • Capital Raising / Angel, VC & PE Investments / Bank Finance

    • Indications of value for Trade sales / Acquisitions / Divestments

    • Purchase Price Allocations

    • Intellectual Property & Intangible Asset valuations

    • A wide variety ATO & OSR compliant reports supporting capital gains tax events

    • Calculation, Limited Scope and Valuation Engagements per APES 225 Valuation Services. 

    • A wide range of valuation consultancy including value growth advisory and certified Value Builder.

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